Conference time, once more, gives us the opportunity to get the industry together, catch-up with colleagues and friends, discover and share new technology, as well as celebrate the advances that we have made.

From the ASTT Secretary

On behalf of the ASTT, I extend a warm welcome to the following new members.

Western Australia councillor’s report

The Utility Providers Service Committee (UPSC) presented Worksafe Western Australia with a statement expressing concern at the potential dangers involved if horizontal directional drill (HDD) operations continue to be allowed...

Victoria councillor’s report

This year is flying by so fast! It seems like last week that the last edition of Trenchless Australasia was published.

Queensland councillor’s report

The new Queensland State Government has delivered its first budget and as a result the trenchless industry hopes to see some new infrastructure initiated.

New South Wales councillor’s report

It has been a busy past three months for the New South Wales chapter of the ASTT, with much happening within the industry.

The origins of HDD

Jim Rankin is one of the most well-known individuals in the horizontal directional drilling industry. His career with Vermeer spans an impressive 38 years, and he holds some 14 patents...

Making it big with GRP

Through the combination of industry-leading innovation, technology, ‘on the ground’ service backup and experience, HOBAS and Global Pipe provide the optimal solution for all no-dig projects. Here, we look at...

In it together

The Ditch Witch brand has been a staple on the Aussie market since the 1950s. Trenchless Australasia looks at how the company has evolved with the market, all the while...

Tackling critical relines

Queensland Urban Utilities covers a region that’s home to the S1 Main Sewer – the oldest and largest sewer in the region, and the backbone of Brisbane’s sewerage network. Here,...

Mackay bores beneath mining towns

Population growth associated with mining towns poses a significant challenge to local councils; Trenchless Australasia looks at how Mackay Regional Council has utilised thrust boring and directional boring to complete...

Trenchless to help Unitywater build big

The popularity of the greater Caloundra area has resulted in Unitywater approving several large projects that will see upcoming trenchless drilling opportunities on the Sunshine Coast.

What’s the price of risk?

Trenchless Australasia talks with Kimberlie Staheli, prior to her arrival in Australia to present a keynote speech at No-Dig Down Under, to discuss trenchless trends and how to mitigate risk...

Knight in relining armour

Trenchless Australasia caught up with AECOM Technical Practice Leader Chris Macey to discuss the evolution of trenchless rehabilitation technology, the upcoming CIPP In-Depth Training Course and the trillion-dollar future of...

The golden felt

How Applied Felts helped pioneer cured-in-place pipelining technology.

Curing control

Can dielectrical analysis become a new measurement standard for CIPP?

Industry women

Trenchless Australasia catches up with two women working in the trenchless and civil construction industries on Australia’s east coast to ask about how they got into the business, their career...

Engineering away risk

How retractable microtunnelling technology helped overcome unknown ground conditions under Sydney’s M5 Motorway.

Trenchless goes to the races

Mechanical internal pipe repair system deployed under Australia’s most iconic racecourse.

The doctor is in

On the eve of the Horizontal Directional Drilling Good Practices Guidelines Course at No-Dig Down Under, Trenchless Australasia speaks to ISTT Immediate Past Chairman Dr Samuel Ariaratnam about challenges and...

Diamonds are forever

Hard Metals Australia Drilling Product Manager Ervin Bata discusses the advantages of polycrystalline diamond composites and the material’s interlinked history with the Wombat series of drilling and boring tools.


Unitywater’s Simon Taylor speaks to Trenchless Australasia about the utility’s use of CCTV technology to help inspect and manage its asset network.

Inspections for Tassie pipes

Multi-utility service provider Select Solutions recently introduced two IBAK PANORAMO systems to its fleet to undertake pipeline inspection for TasWater.

Location, location, location

Vivax-Metrotech gives advice on proper utility location before commencing an installation project.

Branching out into hydro excavation

Melbourne water utility gets to the root of the problem with hydro excavation trial.

Ringing in the changes

An interview with new Ring-O-Matic CEO Brian Metcalf.

Pioneering industry training

Training regulation in Australia’s flourishing trenchless industry has struggled to keep up with the influx of new technology from overseas.

Go the extra Dial

The Dial Before You Dig service is the essential first step in locating underground assets before an installation project.

Meet the newest ASTT member: DKM Utility Services

Melbourne-based watermain construction company DKM Utility Services has recently joined the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology.

Revolutionising the pipe spacing industry

When it comes to pipe centralisation in the trenchless installation sector, using metallic spacers or self-made centralising methods such as timber inserts have proven to pose higher risks of failure.

Steve Mitchell has the Edge

Trenchless Australasia talks to Edge Underground’s newest recruit, Steve Mitchell, on engineering, Trenchless Technology and the benefits of working as his own boss.

Moling with impact

Impact moling is an extremely cost-effective solution for pipe installation of underground services, especially when working in built-up areas.

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