In the new structure, Aegion replaces Insituform as the public company, and Insituform and its former direct subsidiaries, including Bayou Companies, Corrpro Companies, United Pipeline Systems, CRTS, Fibrwrap Construction Services and Fyfe, are now direct subsidiaries of Aegion.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Insituform, and now Aegion J. Joseph Burgess said “The Insituform name represents where we came from. It identified the flagship technology that is closely aligned to the trenchless sewer rehabilitation business upon which this company depended for so many years.”

“As one of that industry’s most powerful and recognisable brands, we will continue to use the Insituform name for our subsidiaries and products that operate in the water and wastewater business segments,” Mr Burgess said.

Aegion and the combined operating companies will continue to deliver infrastructure protection, providing proprietary technologies and services to protect against the corrosion of industrial pipelines and for the rehabilitation and strengthening of sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems and buildings, bridges, tunnels and waterfront structures.