Chin Keong Cheng to talk mictrounelling

Cheng Chin Keong.

Cheng Chin Keong.

With more than twelve years experience in equipment technologies, construction and management of trenchless projects, Microlog S.p.A’s Chin Keong Cheng will be joining delegates at No-Dig Down Under, being held in Brisbane from 3-6 October 2011.

Mr Cheng is currently the Overseas Tunnelling Manager of Microlog S.p.A , a joint venture between Switzerland’s Implenia and Italy’s I.CO.P SpA.

He will be delivering a paper on microtunnelling at the conference, informed by his years of experience in the field.

In 1998, he graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in electrical and electronic studies at the University of Nottingham Trent, in the United Kingdom.

Upon graduation, he returned to his native Malaysia to join his family’s company as a site engineer involved with microtunnelling and pipe jacking.

Mr Cheng received training in the technologies from Japanese and German machinery manufacturers such as Iseki, Kokudo, Rasa, Speeder, Komatsu, Herrenknecht and Soltau.

As a project manager, Mr Cheng has successfully managed and completed four major sewerage collection projects, with over 60 km of underground pipeline installed using microtunnelling and pipe jacking works.

Since leaving the company in 2005, Mr Cheng has been working in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

His experience involves not only microtunnelling and pipe jacking, but also pilot auger boring, horizontal directional drilling and shaft construction over various geotechnical and underground soil conditions.

Mr Cheng is also a fellow and corporate member of the ISTT.

His paper ‘Microtunnelling towards the Atland Ocean’ will be delivered at 1.30pm on Wednesday, 5 October.

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