One of a kind at Trenchless Live

At Trenchless Live 2012, Veolia Water Network Services will be displaying the only dry suction excavation technology in Australia.

Dry suction excavation should be used whenever critical services – such as water networks, telecommunications, power or gas lines – are present in order to eliminate potential damage by water. The use of DRYsetTM, the only dry suction excavation technology in Australia, greatly improves site safety.

Additionally, excavated material can be reinstated within the same hole, thus removing the transport and disposal costs of waste, while recycling site spoil sustainably.

The DRYset technology uses turbines to generate an extremely high airflow: 42,000 cubic metres per hour, equivalent to five and up to eleven times the airflow of combination hydro trucks. The equipment is mounted on a four axle truck, together with a side tipping debris tank, a filter and a hydraulically operated, radio controlled suction hose carrier, making it the most advanced excavation machine available to date in Australia.

Veolia Water Network Services is excited about the arrival of this machine in Australia. Its main feature is the air speed/air flow, which is an extraordinary 36,000 to 44,000 cubic metres of air flow per hour – the equivalent of eleven standard hydro combo trucks.

The machine Veolia Water Network Services will display at Trenchless Live 2012 is currently available for hire, and later this year the company will be bringing a bigger machine of the same kind to Australia for purchase.

How does it work?

1. The turbines generate an extremely powerful air flow
2. The waste/spoil is sucked by the vacuum hose controlled by the operator using the radio remote control
3. The material is collected inside the debris container
4. The air goes through special fine filters for decontamination Filters have an automatic cleaning system using compressed air, ensuring that filtration is always efficient
5. Once the job is completed, the debris container is emptied by side tipping.

View DRYset at Trenchless Live 2012

DRYset will be on display at Trenchless Live 2012. Demonstrations of the technology will be held throughout the event.

For a preview of the DRYset in action, visit:

For more information contact Michael Kelly on +64 (0)408 490 402 or

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