Relining in the wild

Kembla crew at work.

Kembla crew at work.

As part of Sydney Water’s SewerFix Program, Kembla Watertech recently completed the rehabilitation of wastewater assets within dense bushland in Bangor, overlooking Sydney’s Woronora River.

Sydney Water’s SewerFix Program aims to improve the utility’s wastewater system and protect public health and the environment. However, not all areas included in the program are easy to reach or rehabilitate.

Due to the sensitive nature of the site in which the team from Kembla were working, extensive environmental planning was completed before work started. In the major efforts to investigate the site, many visits were conducted involving intense bushwalking and scaling cliffs.

To enable access to the site, a set of scaffold towers were erected from a fire trail, down the cliff-side to the site below. The scaffolding took over eight days to set up. Once in place, Kembla moved equipment and machinery to the site via a pulley system. Additional scaffolding was also used as a staircase to gain physical access to the site.

The work involved a lot of manual handling, moving equipment to the bottom of the cliff and transporting it up and down the length of the wastewater pipe. Despite the intense restrictions imposed on the project, the wastewater pipe was managed effectively without any harm. It took three days to complete the rehabilitation work.

Nearly 200 m of 150 mm diameter wastewater pipes were rehabilitated using Kembla’s EX lining method. This system involves the expansion of a continuous coil of specially formulated PVC pipe to form a tight fitting liner in the existing host pipe. Kembla utilised its own PVC liner for the project, which is wholly manufactured in Australia.

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