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Vacuum Excavating

Vacuum excavation involves the removal of earth from a hole on land by high-powered vacuum suction machines. It is a proven method of exposing utilities and other underground items located close to the surface in a safe and environmentally low impact manner.

Vacuum excavation is a popular method of digging when working in close proximity to underground assets. This process significantly reduces the risk of loss of property and injury to workers associated with contacting or cutting underground utilities.

Portable vacuum excavation equipment such as suction excavators can quickly dig small deep precisely-controlled holes to uncover buried utilities. Soft excavation technology can dig around buried pipe or cable without the risk of damage.

Typically, vacuum excavation loosens the soil with a blunt-nosed high pressure air lance or water source and immediately vacuums away loosened material.

Vacuum excavation techniques can be an effective way to locate, with virtually 100 per cent accuracy, all underground structures in an excavation zone. Vacuum excavation is also typically more cost effective than hand digging.

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